Cake with cookies!

A sweet that will be loved by young and old!!

  • cake

Pasta with salmon fillet!

Who said healthy food isn't delicious? Try our salmon recipe and you will be surprised by the taste!!

  • zymarikamesolomo

Easter Cookies!

The traditional Mamadis Easter cookies! Good luck!

  • koulourakia

Bean soup!

Bean soup!‼️ Bean soup‼️ Our national food! Excellent source of Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Folic acid! Don't forget to let it curdle..! Bon appetit ‼️‼️

  • fasolada

Risotto with Seafood!

 Risotto with Seafood!‼️ Risotto with seafood‼️ A very tasty dish for our everyday table as well as for special occasions..!

  • rizotothalasina

Stuffed mushrooms!!

Special and delicious recipe! Try it! 

  • manitaria_gemista

Shrimp pasta!

Our proposal for your table! A perfect "Shrimp Pasta" for the whole family!! Bon appetit!!!

  • garidomakaronada

Donuts with jam!

A perfect snack for all hours of the day! Try it!!

  • donats


A sweet and delicious recipe! To create sweet moments too!!

  • troyfakia

Conchiglie Grandi stuffed!

A unique and special dish!! The appearance will steal the impressions and its taste will amaze you!!!

  • conchiliegrandi


Because it's simply not Christmas without its taste and without flooding the house with its smell!!!

  • melomakarona

Pizza !!

Who can resist a fresh and delicious Pizza? For young and old and for all hours of the day!

  • pizza

Glaukos fish on the parchment paper!

Healthy, tasty and fast!! Everything we need for our table!!!

  • glaukos


Kurabiedes! To make the house smell festive! Happy Holidays!!

  • kourampiedes

Tuna screws!!

Light, summery, easy, delicious! Whether for lunch or evening, hot or cold! See our recipe!

  • bidesmetono

Chocolate salami!

Easy ! Delicious ! Cool! As summer pleasures should be!!!

  • kormospsygeiou

Stuffed chicken!

Stuffed chicken! Because the days force it!! Enjoy and celebrate!!

  • kotopoulo

Octopus in the oven with spaghetti!!

An easy recipe that will surprise you with its deliciousness!

  • xtapodi

Pasta salad with tuna!

Easy, fast, delicious!! A salad for lunch or dinner! Worth a try!

  • makaronosalata


Delicious, classic dessert for all occasions! Enjoy!

  • galaktompoureko

Yogurt pineapple jelly!!

It's easy, quick, delicious and refreshing!! Good luck!!

  • zele


One of the most delicious and quick homemade sweets!! Very summery, light and refreshing dessert for your table!!

  • milfeig

Apple Tart!

A wonderful and special dessert! Try it and you will be delighted!

  • tartamilou

Barley with seafood!!

An easy and very tasty recipe!!
  • kritharoto

Open-Face Apple Pie

How about a delicious "mommy" apple pie? A perfect dessert with an easy recipe!! Try it!!

  • milopita

Stuffed squid!

A very tasty and special dish! Enjoy!

  • kalamarigemisto1

Spinach penne!

Spinach penne! An easy and very tasty dish that is out of the ordinary! Worth a try!

  • pennesmespanaki


A very tasty candy for young and old!!!


Stuffed chicken fillet!

A very tasty dish for the whole family! Good luck and enjoy!


Truffle cake!

It's easy, it's fast, it's chocolaty and it will drive young and old alike crazy!
  • cakemetroufa

Pennes with tuna a la creme!

A great dish for your table! Tuna penne a la creme !! Try it and you will be impressed!

  • penesmetono

Burger with chicken bites!

A unique burger with chicken bites that everyone in the family will love!

  • burger

Mince pie!

Mince pie! A suggestion for your table worth trying!

  • kimadopita

Sandwiches with yogurt ice cream!

Because homemade flavors are what we have left! A recipe for homemade yogurt ice cream for the whole family! Delicious, refreshing and economical!!

  • santouitspagoto


If you are tired of the usual recipes with fish then try Kakavia!

  • kakavia

Oregano sardines

Oregano sardines! Easy, fast, tasty and nutritious food! Good luck!

  • sardeles

Cuttlefish Stew!

A delicious and fasting summer food that certainly does not leave anyone indifferent!! We highly recommend it!! Try it !!

  • soupiesstifado

Pitaroudia Roditika!

Delicious and rich in vitamins!

  • pitaroudia

Sifnos honey pie!

Sifnos honey pie! Special, different, delicious! Try it and you will lick your fingers!!

  • melopita


Our suggestion for this week is a special sweet! TIRAMISOU !! Incredibly tasty dessert that leaves no one indifferent!!

  • tiramisou

Crispy Chicken Wings!

Everyone in the house will love this recipe! Delicious crispy chicken wings!

  • fterougies


A wonderful recipe to make Christmas even sweeter!!

  • melomakarona

Cheese pie without pastry sheet ( the lazy option) !

Do you want to make a delicious homemade cheese pie but don't have the time or mood to experiment? Check out the Recipe below and you will be amazed !!

  • tiropita

Easter Bread!

Delicious, fragrant and fluffy Easter Bread! Try it!
  • pasxalinotsoureki


A unique recipe to make the house smell like Christmas!!

  • kourampiedes

chees pie

chees pie ! Homemade cheese pie! Perfect snack for all hours! Wonderful and satisfying cake! for work or school!! Good luck !!

  • tyropitakia


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