The Mathioudakis Group of Companies was founded in 2004 by Nikolaos Mathioudakis with the first store in Perama Mylopotamou which cooperated with the company Dia hellas SA. In the following years, stores were created in Rethymno, Chania and Heraklion, always with the cooperation of Dia hellas SA. In 2008, Dia Hellas S.A. stopped its economic activity in Greece, so Mathioudakis Group of Companies looked for a new strategic partner. In 2009, a collaboration was made with Marinopoulos SA where the distinctive signs "Carrefour Express" and "Carrefour Marinopoulos" were placed in the stores of our Group. In 2014, the ELIT Ltd. company was incorporated into the Mathioudakis Group, which had 7 stores in Heraklion prefecture and which was founded by Emmanuel Archontoulakis and Maria Kouvidis in 1999. In 2017, the Marinopoulos SA company was placed in the bankruptcy code, resulting in its non-supply our group. The management and partners of the Group decided to chart a new path. The love and support of the consumer public throughout the years of operation of the stores was the main reason that in 2018 the Mathioudakis Group decided to place the new signs with the brand name of the owner and to continue in the area autonomously and independently.

The Mathioudakis Group of Companies currently lists 18 stores in three of the four prefectures of Crete and has over 300 employees. It always operates based on the principles and values of the place it supports and from which it is supported. The logic of the family business and the operation of the staff as a family and as a team, in any area or position, combined with targeted and quality collaborations with a special emphasis on local products and aiming at the interest of the consumer, are the most important reason that the Group Mathioudakis Enterprises is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Crete and is rising daily more and more in the favor of the island's consumers.

Our goal for the coming years is the spread of the Group to more parts of our island and to meet the shopping needs of more of its residents and visitors. Now relying on strong foundations such as our principles and values on the one hand and the power given to us by the trust of consumers on the other, we can draw the new page of the Mathioudakis Group with new strategic partnerships and agreements that will give us the drive to develop into a model chain of organization and operation and to provide a higher level of service combined with even more affordable prices always with respect for the face of the consumer.


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